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Hawthorn & Bee

53-55 High Street, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1DZ

Telephone: 01362 854209
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Eco Refill and Vegan Groceries
Dereham, Norfolk

Hawthorn and Bee Eco Refill Centre

Hawthorn & Bee is a small independent shop selling eco friendly household cleaning products, personal care items and toiletries, vegan food, and lots more.

Hawthorn and Bee opened in January 2020 and relocated to their current shop in the High Street, Dereham in the summer of 2022. Owner Helen has always had an interest in environmental issues, buying eco friendly and sustainable products as much as possible and felt that opening a shop to allow other people to do the same as easily as possible was a great idea.

Hawthorn & Bee stocks a range of refill liquid household and personal care products, dried foods, store cupboard essentials, vegan food, ready meals, pet and wild animal food and accessories, eco friendly candles and wax melts. We source our products from small independent local businesses as well as more well known brands such as Dirty Cow, EcoVer, Ethnic Fusion, FieldFare, Happi, Horizon Wholefoods, Infinity Foods, Karma Drinks, Kinda Co, Le Digestif, Lemonaid, Love Raw, NOMO, I Am Nut OK, One Planet Pizza, SESI and Tofurei.

Dirty Cow
Eco Ver
Ethnic Version
Horizon Wholefoods
Infinity Foods
Karma Drinks
Kinda Co
Le Digestif
Love Raw
I am Nut OK
One Planet Pizza

Below we showcase just a few examples of the items we stock, scroll through the photos or better still pop into store to see our full range.


  • Dried Goods
  • Dried Goods2
  • Store cupbaord2
  • Store cupbaord
  • Cheese
  • Tea
  • Frozen Fruit
  • Frozen Veg
  • Ready Meals
  • fruit
  • Veg
Dried Goods1 Dried Goods22 Store cupbaord23 Store cupbaord4 Cheese5 Tea6 Frozen Fruit7 Frozen Veg8 Ready Meals9 fruit10 Veg11

We stock a wide range of vegan foods sourced from local and national suppliers.  Many of our dried goods are available in dispensers so that you can bring your own containers to fill, cutting down on waste. Both our fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables are stocked loose and we have a fresh stock of vegan cheese ready for your cheese board.

Vegan gluten free brownie or cookie mix
Organic teas
Organic, gluten free pasta & rice
Locally roasted coffee beans
Vegan cheese
Local fruit & veg
Fruit drinks
Tinned pulses, veg and beans
Vegan sausages & burgers
Vegan takeaways & ready meals

We now stock Ethnic Fusion Fine Foods plant based frozen meals!

Ethnic Fusion Indian inspired food is based in Dereham and all their meals are handmade in small batches and totally delicious.


  • Bodycare
  • Toiletries
  • hair
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Feminine Hygiene2
  • shaving
  • Body Butter
  • Body Wash
  • Shampoo
  • Toiletries2
  • Soaps
  • Toiletries3
  • Toiletries4
Bodycare1 Toiletries2 hair3 Feminine Hygiene4 Feminine Hygiene25 shaving6 Body Butter7 Body Wash8 Shampoo9 Toiletries210 Soaps11 Toiletries312 Toiletries413

At Hawthorn & Bee we have plenty on offer to help you look after yourself at the same time as caring for the planet. We stock a range of products for both women and men including national and local brands. We have re-fill options for bathroom products and eco friendly items to make you feel good in both body and mind! Come in to store to see our full range.

Guilt free soaps

We are fully stocked with soap from the wonderful Guilt Free Soapery all handmade in Suffolk with vegan, natural ingredients and they smell gorgeous!

Faith In Nature shampoo, conditioner & bodywash
Alter Native shampoo & bodywash refills
Natural de-oderant
Body butter
Solid shampoo
Washable sanitary pads
Purity skincare
Purity for men products
Traditional shaving sets
Environmentally friendly dental care

Household & Pets

As well as our food and toiletries we stock everything you need to look after your house whilst caring for the environment.  With laundry detergent and cleaning product re-fills you can massively cut down on plastic waste.  We also have various reusable products such as cups, kitchen towels and containers.  You can also add a little luxury to your home with our candles and wax melts.

We haven't forgotten the animals either, we stock a range of dog treats, bird food, feeders and bug hotels to keep the wildlife happy.

  • Household
  • Reusable Bottles
  • Sandwich bags
  • Reusable Cups
  • Kitchen_Towels
  • candles
  • Household Brushes
  • Cleaning Products
  • Birds
  • Pet Food
  • Wildlife
Household1 Reusable Bottles2 Sandwich bags3 Reusable Cups4 Kitchen_Towels5 candles6 Household Brushes7 Cleaning Products8 Birds9 Pet Food10 Wildlife11

Local candles from Mundesley Norfolk

We are delighted to stock The Honourable Wickhams Candle Co products. They use 100% European grown eco soy wax and high end oils to create exceptionally scented candles.

Re-fill laundry detergents
Bio D natural laundry products
Re-usable kitchen towels
Toilet rolls
Household brushes
Re-usable cups and containers
Wax Melts
Dog treats
Bird care
Bug boxes

Treat Yourself

Once you've taken care of all your everyday needs don't forget to give yourself a little treat.

We have fresh vegan donuts from Doodle donuts every other Thursday and they are now sold separately so bring your container and chose your favourite flavour. We also have a range of other goodies that change daily including: Vegan Doodle donuts, chocolate oat cake slices, individual toffee cream tarts and vegan gluten free sausage rolls. Or alternatively make your own with our vegan chocolate chip cookie mix or Brownie mix.

We also have a range of chocolate and vegan pick & mix sweets including Dirty Cow plant based chocolate, Happi Oat Milk Chocolate and Ailsa’s handmade county vegan fudge.

Go on you know you're worth it!